About Mini Zebu

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   Miniature Zebu originated in South India and the Island of Sri Lanka and are one of the oldest breeds dating back to 3000BC. They are thought to be the only existing breed of cattle that are naturally small. Because of there small size, they are ideal for small acreage and areas with limited water and forage.  They do not require high protein diets and most do not need grain or other supplemental feeding. Only Young, pregnant, or animals living in winter climates may require a bit more in their diets. Life span averages around 20 years, however there are plenty that are 25 years young and still having calves. 
   Mini Zebu are a very hardy, parasite resistant breed. They serve many purposes including meat, milk, pulling carts and equipment, leather, land clearing of brush, petting zoos, and more. Zebu numbers are still a bit rare in the US but are gaining popularity quickly. They reach maturity at about 3 years old and should not exceed 42" tall.  The average height tends to be between 32" to 38".  There are micro mini breeders whom have zebu under 28"! They have a gestation period of 9 months, as with other larger breeds, but expect babies to be as small as a fawn.
   There are two registeries that trace these little guys back to there original imports. IMZA or International Miniature Zebu Association seems to be the most popular and was started in 1991. The other registry is AMZA or American MIniature Zebu Association. Both registeries are devoted to preserving, promoting, and educating people about the breed. Our zebu are primarily IMZA and trace back to Swede imports.

See our herd below. We have one herdsire, Giant Oak Farm Seminole, a loud black and white bull. The rest are his lovely ladies. 


2019 gave us two heifer calves, both whom have been sold to Clearbrook Farms in NH.

DAB Moon Girl X Chegs Little Bond...Red and white heifer

Bogle Farms Candy X Chegs Red Hawk...Grey heifer